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Enterprise Survey Management

ESMA is an enterprise grade survey management application designed to periodically collect information from organisations and compare and analyse it, an improvement to typical survey management applications that concentrate on the end user information collection, ESMA is an ideal tool to document change and trends.

Offered as Software as a Service with different plans: a perpetual licence, unlimited rental or charge per usage. We provide 24/7 support and guarantee continuous availability of the platform.

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ESMA is the ideal tool for:

  • professional associations, by consistently collecting information from the members, the associations have realistic figures to wrap their lobbying activities, instead of general numbers and guesses
  • corporations with established clientelle, instead of launching their satisfaction surveys once a year, the corporations may launch them more often and check the evolution of the key indicators for their business, additionally, instead of only checking their overall performance, they can easily check responses per client
  • non-governmental organisations, public relations and lobby groups who need to gather information quickly and accurately in response to fast changing requirements.

ESMA Features

ESMA Features


  • Dynamic management of questions
  • Multiple question types (numeric, list of values, boolean, total, etc.)


  • Manage surveys based on questions
  • Repeat surveys per month, quarter, yearly or other


  • Full view of the results with powerful filtering and sorting capabilities
  • Export to Excel
  • Dynamic reports showing introduced data and trends (yearly or compared to previous period)
  • Reports can also be presented automatically in different graphical formats


  • Manage companies, group of companies and client generated groups
  • Manage users and roles in companies


  • Fully multilingual
  • Extensive notification mechanism for users
  • Interfaces Supported by multiple platforms, PC, Mac and mobile devices


The licence bought is a one time purchase valid for ever and for the agreed number of end-users. New features and new releases are available free of charge when yearly maintenance is paid.


The licence is rented per month and for the agreed number of end users. New releases are made available free of charge and included in the monthly fee.


In case none of the above suits your needs, please mail us so we can discuss your requirements.

ESMA Support

The Enterprise Survey Management Application is offered in the form of a Software as a Service. Some of the service’s major features are:

  • Continuous availability with guaranteed uptime
  • 24/7 support
  • High service levels normally 2 hours response time
  • Daily backups kept for a minimum of a year.

ESMA Support

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